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Apr. 14th, 2013


OH YEAH! I have a Livejournal!

Ok I am terrible at this whole blog type thing. I really am not a writer but then when I go back and read old posts my reaction is "I WAS THE BEST WRITER EVER!" not like "I should write novels" but "oh hey someone wouldn't rather scratch their eyes out that read what I wrote!" so lets give this another go (yeah who am I trying to fool, this will be the last post for at least 12 months).

I am not a committed person. There is very little in my life I stick with for the long term, I have far more unfinished projects that finished projects but that never stops me trying! Perhaps I am just lazy and forgetful? perhaps I just get sidetracked easily? who knows! I have tried making lists, making promises, writing stuff on calanders but nope none of it seems to work.

So I have come to the conclusion that I am going to embrace the chaos. I will do the things that count, go to work, eat, see friends, participate in the two hobbies I seem to have actually stuck with and then let the rest float! I will be that old lady who has an extra room set aside in her house for all the random stuff she started and never finished but will finish "one day".

so yeah thats about all thats on my mind ATM...so until "one day", see ya later!

Mar. 8th, 2012


Writer's Block: Hey Hot Stuff!

well according to live journal i look amazing...so i will compliment myself on the fact that i can apparently rock red satin novelty boxers (they say "one track mind" if you were wondering), a stained novelty t-shirt (says "some days it is just not worth chewing through the restraints"), my hair in a very messy top knot and zit cream all over my face...SEXY AND I KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov. 8th, 2009

sponge bob woah

omfg im posting something!!!

yeah i have finally gotten bored enough to actually post something new on here (stop hyperventilating Angie).

so anywho i just got home from the big smoke (Auckland). what was i doing up there i hear you ask! well i was attending a little swarae known as a nickleback concert. Now now don't scoff at my choice of musical type entertainment coz the concert was actualy amazing!!!!

For your benefit dear reader (aka Angie) i will start at the begining.  A few months ago my friend jess approached me about attending the nickleback concert with her.  I was initialy hesitant as nickelback weren't my favourite band and i had just bought green day tickets so i was rather poor. Luckily for me Jess's mum took pity on me and forked out the $140 bucks for my ticket (I KNOW!!!) and i RSVP'd.  

As another lucky coincidence would have it my friend tash ws planning to move to Auckland the very day i was planning to go up for the concert (thursday) so I kindly offered to help her move if I could have a ride to Auckland.  So at 6am Thursday morning we set out on our rather long drive and after a quick stop in Wanganui, to drop off some of her stuff and say goodbye to her family, and a few stops for gas and snackage, we made it to Auckland!!!

I was to be staying at Jess's house which is over on the north shore. as a result you couldn't get to town without a 40 minute bus ride.  This relative isolation and the fact that Jess is still studying for her last two exams meant we basicly stayed home on friday and the first half of saturday.  This time was in no means boring however as i had her 4 pets (2 dogs and 2 cats) and several good books to keep me company during the day and her diverse and VERY entertaining family to burden at night.  Lucky for me her family seems to like me (strange i know!).

now we get to the fun bit!!

the day of the concert, Saturday the 7th of November 2009.  we decide to go into town relitively early and meet up with Tash (the one who gave me a ride up) for dinner however this backfired when after finding tash we still had two hours to kill before dinner. we ended up spending this time sitting in the park acting like dicks and taking random photos before heading to the tapas bar for dinner.

the tapas were amazing!!!! we each got two tapas and a mojito to begin with and shared the food around. i had a crumbled avocado with a kiwifruit salsa and wild pork cooked in milk for my two...yum!!! after we finished our first round we got a couple bowls of potato fries drowning in the strongest, most delicious aoli ever!! and another mojito each =P.

After dinner we walked to the arena and said goodbye to Tash.  I lined up forever for a T-shirt while jess waited for me in a slightly warmer spot.  I ended up getting the T-shirt from one of the supporting bands "the sick puppies" which had all the tour dates on the back coz all the nickelback ones where decidedly fugly.  we then went inside and got our arm bands and went inside to enjoy the show.  We unfortunately missed "these four walls" the first opening act while we where lining up etc but we got in just in time for the sick puppies who are freakin awsum!!!

After the sick puppies the crew started working their asses off getting ready for nickelback. this took a while due to the large number of pirotechnics that needed to be set up so the crowd decided to entertain its-self.  a large mexican wave started in the seated area but died quickly as the seating area is horse shoe shaped with a standing area in the middle. so the wave was tried again but this time us pleebs who where standing were ready and when the wave reached the end of the seats we all put our hands up thus completing the wave.  unfortunately me and Jess where standing near the back with some party poopers so i was the only one in my general vacinity putting my hands in the air. my starnge behaviour prompted Jess to point out that i was standing in what for all intensive purposes was the void in the middle of the doughnut. to this i simply responded "so..." and her response was perhaps the greatest call of all time *shaking head * "you're like the sprinkle that fell off" so i am now officialy the sprinkle in the middle (the doughnut imagery could be due to the fact that we had raspberry doughnuts with rainbow sprinkles for breakfast that day).

so then nickleback came on, and well to be honnest surprised the hell out of me by being the best band i have ever seen live!! thaey where so funny, sounded way better than on the radio and played for two whole hours!! we even got the most amazing drum solo i have ever seen, 10 solid minutes of kick ass drumming!! if you ever EVER get the chance to see them live do it!! doooooo eeeeeeeetttt!!!! even if you're not a fan, coz trust me you soon will be!!!!!

so yeah the concert finished at just after 11pm and Jess's mum was awsum and drove all the way out to pick us up. and as is to be expected as soon as we got home it was beddy bies for us!!

The next day we got up at 6am (grrrrrgggg arrrrrrgggggg brains) so i could make my 8am bus back to palmy. Just as we where about to leave to catch the earliest bus into town so i wouldn't miss it jess's mum informs us shes driving us all the way in AGAIN! and hands me a plastic bag with a home made packed lunch complete with filled roll, apple, a whole box of musiely bars and a honey pot which on closer inspection was filled with lollies of various descriptions!! i almost cried!!! THANKS MUM!!!

so i got on the bus and just as i was regretting my choice of halving a packet of squiggle buiscuts with jess for breakfast i promptly fell asleep.  i woke up when we stopped in hamilton to pick up a few passengers.  when we got going again i was starting to doze but opened my eyes at the right moment to see a white car cut directly in front of the bus. the bus driver slammed on the breaks and swerved to the left but we still hit the car going pretty fast.  me being me i jumped out of my seat and proclaimed "i have my first aid!!!" and ran off the bus towards the car after throwing my cellphone at the stunned bus driver and telling him to call an ambulance.  the car looked fucking bad the whole back end had been ripped off and the front of the bus was all caved in. by the time everything stopped moving the bus and car ended up on opposite sides of the road parralell to each other facing opposite directions so i ran across the road to the car (suddenly aware that no other passengers where following to help me). Luckily the driver was absoloutley fine. she was scarred half to death but not even a scratch was physicaly wrong with her.  so i went around the car and hopped in the passenger side and sat with her to stop her going into shock while we waited for the ambulance and police.  It turned out that her rearvision mirror had come unstuck when she tried to adjust it. when this happened she panicd and hit the accelerator instead of the break causing her to loose control and she ended up swerving infront of the bus.  It was so lucky no-one was hurt!!

after all the statements and stuff had been taken i went back to the bus coz we had to wait for a new one to finish the journey on. as we where waiting i got talking to the driver. It turnes out that the bus we where in was the same one that killed a lady a couple weeks ago (she slipped and fell, her head going under the wheel) and now it was crashing into cars on the motorway! SPOOKY!!!! when i got back onto our broken bus all the other passengers were patting me on the back and telling me how awsum i am...i just went bright red mumbled thanks and plugged my headphones back into my ears lol

anywho our new bus arrived (it was nowhere near as nice as out old one ) and we got on with our journey an hour behind schedual.  the rest of the journey was pleasantly unneventfull untill just before bulls the driver informs us that in order to save time he is no longer going to drive to palmy (small scale panic attack!!!). all passengers going to palmy will be dropped off in bulls (wtf!!) where another bus will come and get you (choice...i like my seat...). so after being unceremoniously tossed out in bulls we get on our new bus (which arrived 15 minutes later) and finaly get to palmy...3 hours late...

but now im home, ive had a shower and Im bored...I might update my live journal for once...

p.s. i cant be bothered spell checking...thats, like, effort or something...

Mar. 13th, 2009


i should be asleep!!!!

ugggg ok i really should be asleep right now but i came on here in search of new music on indie exchange and realised its been about 4 months since i did anything on here...i blame shitty internet connections in napier town.

well anywho i have awsum internet, nothing to do, and a warped brain so here goes.....

omg i went onto the tvnz website the otherday coz i heard about tragic shootings and other assorted attrocities and saw the best headline ever(it was the first one that showed up) MAN LOOSES TESTICLE IN FREAK HORSE ATTACK! but when i go back on there today it has miraculously dissappeared...but i did find it on stuff http://www.stuff.co.nz/oddstuff/2258885/Horse-bites-off-mans-testicle ...i want a horse like that!!!!!

anywho...i have a flat...my flat is awsum...we have a flatwarming tomorrow night!!!!! so i should probly go 2 bed now

good knight...bad dragon!

Nov. 7th, 2008

big bird


i apologise for my earlier state of randomness...

i have since spoken to knowledgeable friends and had a shot of jager...now im as normal as i get.  i feel so sorry for you if you are so entertainment deprived that you feel the need to read the following load of bolloks

well i realy dont know what to say...dont yoiu hate it when that happens!!! you get to a pivitol moment in your life and then just have nothing of any importance,wisdom or insight to contribute to the greater collective knowlege of the plannet...wow that was kinda deep for me...i wonder if theres anything else like that floating around in my vacant space for a cranium.............................................................................nope.

PINK FLOYD!!!! they just came on my windows media player...if you wondering the song is mother... and no im not going to pretend to have copious amounts of knowlege about the floyd,  in fact im gunna be honnest and say i know jack shit about them!!! i realy dont know much about any band or actor etc but i do know lots of random facts about alot of random things!!!!! does that make me super intelegent? or just thoughtfully diverse???? i dunno???? what do you think angie and blair since you will be the only ones who ever read this...or even just angie for that matter i dunno i blair checks this enough to see i have a new post...feel free to prove me wrong blair but i will then presume that angie read this post then informed you of the aforementioned challenge then made the perrilous journey to your room to tell you of said challenge in an effort to make me feel prematurely judgemental.......JUDGE!!!!!!!!!

omg my cousin was gunna call his son judge...some people shouldnt be able to breed...heil sig!!!!!! my boys wanted to shave my head today...maybey i should have let them...i couldve helped you keep the arctic white angie!!!

wow considering i started off having nothing to say ive certainly filled this lil blank space up with a whole lotta bullshiznit

and so my verbal diaroeha (yeah cant spell to save myself) continues. but since im typing this i guess its not verbal..........and so my nora virus of the fingers continues!!!!

oooooooohhhhh i like this song...im not gunna tell you what is coz im gunna experiment with you.

you are going to be able to tap into the psychic energy i have invested into this bill shit (bullshits 1st cousin). first you must stand up...go on get up!!!!! fuck ya then i wont tell you the rest.



not gunna tell you coz you wouldnt stand up.  its just too god damn late now!  youve ruined it.  the moments past.

so ummmmmmmmmmmm...did you know 'm' is the 13th word in the alphabet...bet you didnt know that one!!!!!

ok im over this


Nov. 6th, 2008

im bored and random and cant be bothered posting anything creative.

gih i have no idea what to write....

im sitting in my room...

by myself....

listening to earth wind and fire....

milly the mole went for a walk.
milly was a silly mole.
why? because she stole.
what did milly the silly mole stole?
why she took that fine book about captain hook!

yeah my brain just flew out the window.... DONT JUDGE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!